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" More flavours, a smooth texture and up to 50% less calories than in an industrial
ice cream. Everything is said. "
Victoire - Le soir
" Authentic vanilla, strawberry to die for … we love Franklin ice creams! "
La libre Belgique
" A new era of Belgian artisanal ice creams is coming: crafted with
the best ingredients and without any added sugar. "
Paris Match
" Franklin, the new Belgian guilt-free ice cream "
Elle à Table
The Classics
The Belgians

Belgian artisan ice-creams and… Nutri-Score A


Deliciously rich, creamy Belgian artisan ice-creams that are good for you too. Because the ingredients are sourced from a short supply chain, Franklin ice-creams pack a punch of feelgood positivity.

We had this mad idea of putting authentic flavours back into great tasting products. To do this, we focus on what grows locally and carefully select ingredients from our small producers. We then use our unique skills and know-how to make delicious recipes that contain no added sugar. Will you be able to resist another spoonful?