Belgian cuberdon with pieces of raspberry | Franklin Icecream

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Belgian cuberdon with pieces of raspberry Belgian cuberdon with pieces of raspberry
Nutri-Score certified
Belgian cuberdon<br />
with pieces of raspberry

Our Cuberdon ice cream will astound you with its sweet and smooth character. Drawing its inspiration from the traditional cone-shaped Belgian sweet, it gently reveals its fruity aromas until you hit the bursts of sour raspberry.

We’re proud of these + points:

Ingredients sourced locally to reduce our environmental footprint
Good (72/100) guaranteeing the quality of our ingredients!
Only contains ingredients from natural origin
Rich in fibre and a source of protein
Fewer calories than a banana!
Packaging 100% recyclable (plastic-free)
* pour une portion de 100 ml

Our recipe

Our ice creams are mostly made using natural ingredients:

  • Fresh milk and cream delivered direct from neighbouring farms.
  • Fibre from grains
  • Natural thickeners
  • Authentic Cuberdon flavour
  • Raspberries for a frisson of acidity

Sweetness from natural sources:

  • erythritol: from fermented fruit
  • maltitol: from corn or wheat
  • steviol glycoside: from the Stevia plant


Energy 443 kJ / 105,8 kcal 288 kJ / 68,8 kcal
Vetstoffen 5,1 3,3
  of which saturated fats 3,5 2,3
Total carbohydrate 15,7 10,2
  of which sugars 4,9 3,2
Protein 3,2 2,1
Fibre 7,1 4,6
Salt 0,1 0,06


Franklin Ice Creams are artisanal ice creams created with fresh cow’s milk and authentic ingredients. Our Cuberdon-Candy Ice Cream will pleasantly surprise you with its sweet and sharp notes of raspberry and its deliciously smooth texture. Cuberdon-Candy Ice Cream, with sweeteners. Ingredients: milk, sweeteners (erythritol, maltitol, steviol glycosides), soluble corn fibre, cream (milk), raspberries, skimmed milk powder, thickeners (carob gum, guar gum), red beetroot juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural raspberry flavouring, black carrot juice concentrate. Contains naturally occurring sugars. May contain traces of egg, soya, gluten and nuts. Store in freezer, -18°C. Once defrosted, do not refreeze. Use by: see base of pack.