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Kriek sorbet with pieces of cherry Kriek sorbet with pieces of cherry
Nutri-Score certified
Kriek sorbet<br />
with pieces of cherry

This sorbet is made from Kriek, a traditional Belgian beer, that has been brewed for us by a Belgian master brewer. With its fruity sweetness and subtle acidity, it has a wonderful freshness that is only heightened by the presence of tangy Morello cherry pieces.

We’re proud of these + points:

Ingredients sourced locally to reduce our environmental footprint
Excellent (90/100) guaranteeing the quality of our ingredients!
Only contains ingredients from natural origin
Rich in fibre
Fewer calories than a banana!
Packaging 100% recyclable (plastic-free)
* pour une portion de 100 ml

Our recipe

Our ice creams are mostly made using natural ingredients:

  • Fresh water
  • Unique Kriek beer, specially made by a small artisanal Belgian beer producer
  • Fibre from grains
  • Natural thickeners
  • Tangy Morello cherries

Sweetness from natural sources:

  • erythritol: from fermented fruit
  • maltitol: from corn or wheat
  • steviol glycoside: from the Stevia plant


Energy 218 kJ / 52,1 kcal 141,7 kJ / 33,8 kcal
Vetstoffen 0,04 0,03
  of which saturated fats 0,01 0,01
Total carbohydrate 14,8 9,6
  of which sugars 2,8 1,8
Protein 0,2 0,1
Fibre 7,7 5
Salt 0,01 0,01


Franklin sorbet is made by master ice-cream makers from traditional Belgian ingredients. Our Kriek sorbet contains Belgian Kriek beer, much loved for its sharp dark cherry notes, and pieces of dark cherry. Kriek Sorbet (34.7%), with sweeteners. Ingredients: water, Kriek beer (contains barley, wheat, cherries, hops), sweeteners (erythritol, maltitol, steviol glycosides), cherries (9%), soluble corn fibre, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavouring, thickeners (carob gum, guar gum),  red beetroot concentrate. Contains 2.1% alcohol. Contains naturally occurring sugars. May contain traces of egg, soya, gluten and nuts. Store in freezer, -18°C. Once defrosted, do not refreeze. Use by: see base of pack.