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Our philosophy Our story Artisan with a short supply chain Our values

Our philosophy

Putting authentic flavours back into a great tasting product

Franklin had always been epicurean and curious by nature, and particularly passionate about enhancing flavours. In his career as a Master Ice-Cream Maker, he started to notice that the large quantity of sugar used in many recipes was damaging the flavours and making them far less authentic. From that moment he devoted himself to creating an exceptionally tasty ice cream without any added sugar, which foodies of every stripe would adore.

Franklin died in November 2018 but we continue to pursue his dream, now a reality. We still create our products in our small workshop in Binche.

Thanks to our unique and visionary expertise, combined with the highest quality ingredients, we can now take you back to the pleasure of simple, authentic flavours. This 100% Belgian innovation has exceeded our expectations, and already won over countless foodies. Imagine a light, smooth ice cream with an authentic, aromatic and deliciously surprising flavour that sends your taste buds into overdrive. The result is pure magic!

Franklin, Master Ice-Cream Maker

Our story

Glaces Franklin was the dream of a passionate group of creative people with a shared desire: to create a taste revolution by returning to real, authentic flavours.


It was back in 2011, in Franklin’s tiny workshop, that the first trial runs took place. They say perseverance runs in the blood of great creators. Well, it took almost two years, and much experimenting, for the first recipes to be perfected. This was the moment, with the help of two friends and associates, that Glaces Franklin was born.


The ice creams made their first appearance in a few bakeries in the Binche area of Hainaut in Belgium. The locals went wild for them straight away.


They reached the shelves of the prestigious Brussels delicatessen ‘Rob’. People had not tasted anything like these ice-creams before so their more than promising beginning was not just a flash in the pan. This success prompted the trio to expand the small business and take it to the next level.


In 2016 Vincent, one of the original partners, joined Franklin full time and the brand went national. Over 250 shops stocked their ice-cream in the first year alone!


When Franklin died in November 2018 the little ice-creams lost their creator but Vincent decided to continue the adventure, whatever it took, and pursue his friend’s dream.
Today the ice-creams have grown up and gained more credentials. They all have a Nutri-Score A, are rich in fibre and a source of protein and their packaging is 100% recyclable. And the family has expanded with brand new collaborations, limited editions and a special festive period range. And who’s to say they’ll stop there?

Artisan with a short supply chain

The key to artisan ice-cream is carefully selected fresh ingredients expertly made using traditional methods. It is also official recognition from the Belgian authorities in 2017.

In keeping with our philosophy, the ice-creams are made in small batches and someone is on hand at every phase to taste the product and control the quality, ensuring we get the perfect final product.

Franklin has always championed the best local ingredients and our terroir. Lovely fresh milk from Hautes Fagnes cows – collected direct from the farm and pasteurised by us – crème fraîche, extra special Belgian chocolate and our very own Kriek beer and Speculoos biscuits. Franklin is an entire chain of small artisans and local producers working together to deliver the best, created with passion. And you can taste this in every spoonful.

Our values

At Franklin we value the work we do and the people we work with. We are also mindful of the environmental impact of our products. For us, respect is paramount, from producer to consumer. We want our success to have a positive impact on the local economy. Success is a joint effort, not achieved at the expense of others.

We are happy with the way we work and, from feedback received, you are too. After all, Franklin ice-creams are happiness in a carton!


At Franklin we meet every one of our producers and establish relationships of trust. For example, the fresh milk comes from a farm in Hautes Fagnes and we buy it at a fixed price agreed directly with the farmer. Our largest partners are located in Hainaut, Hautes Fagnes and East and West Flanders.

And because of the many relationships we have built up over the years we can be proud and transparent about the provenance of our ingredients.


A company is first and foremost men and women working together to achieve a shared ideal. At Franklin we firmly believe that our staff members should be happy and achieve their full potential. We make sure we take sensible decisions to limit our impact on the environment. For example, we use a short supply chain wherever possible and all our cartons are now 100% cardboard and plastic-free.


We are proud of what we produce and proud of all the hard work that went into the endless experimenting and tasting to achieve the perfect product.

We have put our heart, love and passion into the taste of these products. Without our perseverance we would never had achieved such a fantastic result.